FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Our team can walk you through the requirements for a well-executed TapScan program and provide examples of the most successful displays and promotions. To get started, here’s a basic list of what you’ll need:

  • List of retail locations  (optional for better results)
  • Timing (program duration)
  • Creative execution of information: (instructions / promo / usage etc.)
  • Strong call to action with compelling visual 
  • Inventory of retail display units to be coded
  • Communication required for retail execution team

We are not a creative design or advertising agency. Once you have determined your program objectives, you will work with your agency to develop the creative execution of your display or packaging according to your brand guidelines.

We can assist your agency or creative resource to support the development of your program. We can advise on the following:

  • Most successful designs and call to actions
  • Optimum placement and size of TapScan code on display
  • Scorecard design 

If you are looking for an agency or resource to help you design your retail marketing assets, we have partners we would be happy to recommend.

Many promotional display programs take 6 to 12 months to plan, print and deliver. Although TapScan can be created and delivered in days brand owners should build the development of the TapScan code, content, and scorecards into the creative development timeline.

This will allow time and consideration of optimum placement of the codes and selection of the dashboard data points. The TapScan code development will not require any additional time in a display development schedule.

We work with your team to understand exactly what information you would like to capture in your scorecard reports, and then we will propose options from our existing library or design one specific to your needs. We recommend simple, easy-to read, scorecards with results that are shareable and actionable for all team members.

Yes. TapScan codes are live and content can be modified at any time even after printed and in market. Rather than making changes mid-promotion, we recommend using the TapScan technology to test customer experiences. Different messaging and call to actions received through the codes will reveal different results. TapScan is an ideal technology to use when piloting messages or promotions: by testing different versions, brand leaders can easily understand which messages create the most engagement and responses.

What gets measured gets done. Tapscan scorecards reveal what is working well in a promotion or display beyond the quality of the creative messaging or power of the promotion.

Many teams can learn from the scorecards. Because they can also show results from region to region or store to store, scorecards can engage distribution or retail services teams by creating competition between teams who battle for the best scorecard results. Brand and shopper marketing teams can use scorecard results to compare and improve messaging. 

The cost of the TapScan program depends on the objectives of the program and how much ‘intelligence’ you would like to gather about your brand. A program that measures 2 to 3 customer touchpoints will cost less than a program that measures 12 to 15 touchpoints.

We work with your team from the beginning to design a program that delivers the best possible retail intelligence. The learning from your investment in TapScan is earned back several times as you are able to make better decisions about displays and promotions.

We strongly encourage our customers to do small scale pilots. TapScan technology was made to support intelligence gathering quickly so that brands can get to a proof-of-concept faster and draw conclusions about which promotion or display options works hardest and what messaging works best.