We work with brand owners to develop objectives and design programs that monitor display and promotion performance in real time.
TapScan: A Solution for Today

In today’s economic reality, rising supply chain costs and inflation have put pressure on retail purchasing power.


To be able to compete in retail environments, brands invest thousands of dollars on in-store marketing and merchandising initiatives in individual retail locations.

Yet performance isn’t easily measured. Consumer brands don’t have control or line of sight about what happens at shelf or on the retail floor.


In fact, still today barely 30% of instore merchandising displays are implemented*


Better intelligence is needed about display and purchasing activity to optimize the power and investment of in-store marketing assets.

Is my display or promotion visible?
Did it attract customers?
How do I tell my brand story?
What Brand Owners Need To Know

TapScan Instant Retail Intelligence was designed specifically to support the consumer-packaged goods and retail industries. It harnesses the power of scannable codes to provide performance results on retail execution.

With QR and NFC codes, your displays and products can deliver phygital consumer experiences to extend the brand story and expand the offer.

With TapScan Instant Retail Intelligence, you will receive a scorecard of your display execution and consumer engagement metrics for all your in-store marketing assets.

TapScan Instant Retail Intelligence provides real time performance data:
QR and/or NFC codes
No app or downloads required
Real time reporting
Stored in TapScan’s cloud-based platform
Why TapScan?

Our expertise is in brand experience return on investment. We work with brand owners to develop objectives and design programs that monitor in real time.

We work directly with your brand team or your agency partners to design assets that can:

  • Deliver and confirm easy display set-up
  • Report consumer check-in metrics with your product display
  • Develop solutions that offers a deep-dive experience about all aspects of your product

Our TapScan scorecards are designed to give brand owners the instant data they need to manage and optimize their display and promotional programs and their consumer messaging.

Brand leaders who have leveraged our Instant Retail Intelligence
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