Do you have questions about what we do? You can find the answers to them below. Don’t hesitate to contact us about any others questions you may have.


Do you have questions about what we do? You can find the answers to them below. Don’t hesitate to contact us about any others questions you may have.


TapScan is a unique platform that supports and delivers data insights for TapScan customers – brand owners. TapScan Instant Retail Intelligence gives businesses the insights to understand and make decisions on brand performance. From floor displays to automobile showrooms, pharmacy counters to televisions, a well-placed TapScan code can unlock a world of data. You can also serve up a curated customer experience that makes the sale.

Our competitors use QR codes to redirect to an existing website and measure basic engagement activity. TapScan does much more, by building in custom UX experience elements prior to and/or in place of site redirects. This enables brand teams to provide consumers with far more informative and memorable brand experiences to help them make that purchase decision. In return, brand teams learn what consumers and shoppers are most interested in when they are making their purchase. When TapScan does use site redirects, they are specific to the retailer driving their sales, rather than encouraging competitive site access or price comparisons.

The power behind TapScan codes is that they don’t just link to existing assets and websites. A TapScan code has the power to link to a unique experience, message or promotion developed on the TapScan platform.

The TapScan platform can also aggregate data from multiple locations, multiple media, and multiple teams to provide brand owners with simple, visual views of merchandising and marketing performance in real-time.

TapScan can update experiences instantly to change experience and promotion perimeters, ensuring an up-to-date experience for shoppers without needing to reprint materials.

The TapScan platform allows users to pilot programs and change messages in a targeted group of media or locations. Brand owners can test different message or promotion options, without the expense of printing several versions, and get instant engagement results.


When developing your assembly instructions for display, use a TapScan code. When an assembler scans the code, they will receive all the instructions to set up the display. They will also be asked to take photos and self-report on the completed set-up of the display.
TapScan metrics can aggregate and sort all of these assembler reports so that you have all your assembly data in a single place. You can compare and contrast what assembly teams worked fastest, what retail networks are most or least complete, and any gaps in compliance.

We are not a traditional creative design or advertising agency, but we do provide services to create unique user experiences.

We can also work with agencies to adapt creative to optimize the user experience in the TapScan platform. We work with you to ensure creative execution aligns to your brand guidelines.

We can also assist your agency or creative resource to support the development of your program. We can advise on the following:

  • Most successful design and call to actions
  • Optimum placement and size of QR or NFC code on display
  • Scorecard design

Our team can walk you through the requirements for a well-executed TapScan program and provide examples of the most successful displays and promotions. To get started, here’s a basic list of what you’ll need:

  • List of locations where TapScan codes will be displayed
  • Timing (program duration)
  • Program information (e.g. instructions, promo, usage etc.)
  • Information on media where TapScan codes will appear (e.g. display, sign, brochure, TV)
  • Required creative (visuals and call to action)
  • Any communication requirements for execution teams

The TapScan UX team can work with your assets to create and measure TapScan experiences. However many clients use our team to create custom branded experiences that help guide customers to specific action. For example, a QR code on a product display can reveal a product menu for only those items on the display, rather than all the items your brand might carry. Or, if your brand promotion is specific to an exclusive retailer, we can build a UX experience that leads only to the retailer’s landing page.
Disruptive UX experiences make the TapScan experience more valuable, as it can lead to a communication that helps your customer understand exactly how your product works for them.


We work with your team to understand exactly what information you would like to capture in your scorecard reports, and then we will design a proposed layout. We recommend simple easy-to read scorecards so that the results are shareable with all team members.

What gets measured gets done. TapScan scorecards reveal what is working well in a promotion or display beyond the quality of the creative messaging or power of the promotion. These powerful metrics should be shared with all team members responsible for promotion success.

TapScan leaderboards shows compliance results from region to region, store to store, display by display media by media or team by team. Retail service teams can see their compliance performance and compare it to others. Brand leaders can incent teams to try and make it to the ‘top of the leaderboard.’


The cost of the TapScan program depends on the objectives of the program and how much ‘intelligence’ you would like to gather about your brand.

Engagement metrics from multiple media and thousands of locations can be delivered and aggregated into simple reports. This retail intelligence is a fraction of the cost of audit teams or in-store research.

We are happy to work with you to design UX experiences that link to the TapScan platform. We can work with your team from the beginning to design a program that delivers the best possible retail intelligence.


Our UX design fees are very affordable. Talk to us about your project or promotion and we will be happy to develop a quote.


We strongly encourage our customers to do small scale pilots. TapScan technology was made to support intelligence gathering quickly so that brands can get to a proof-of-concept faster and draw conclusions about which promotion or display options works hardest and what messaging works best.


Together, let’s build your next marketing campaign and unlock the value of your data
by providing instant retail intelligence.


Together, let’s build your next marketing campaign and unlock the value of your data by providing instant retail intelligence.